How to vet and verify suppliers in India?

How to vet & verify suppliers in India

In the above video, Mr. Prasanna Mayandi from our Qualpedia team has delivered his knowledge on the topic of “How to Vet and Verify Suppliers in India” to the Amazon Sellers across the globe on the event “Webinar Wednesday” conducted by Virtual India Sourcing Show.

From this video, you can be able to learn about the key challenges in choosing the suppliers and some informative solutions, which will help you to carry out the supplier vetting effectively.

Also, below are the useful website links which are addressed in the video:

  1. Who Is –
  2. Ministry of Corporate Affairs – 
  3. Simple Factory Audit Model Report Link –

Please watch till the end to get more value out of it!

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Sowndarya Baskaran
Sowndarya Baskaran

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