Solving product quality issues after goods have reached the destination market

Supply chain managers must be ready for anything!  COVID closures, port congestion, natural disasters, supply/demand imbalances, production capacity issues, quality assurance, and the sourcing of raw materials are just some of the concerns that supply chain managers have had to regularly tackle in recent years. 

Every year, there are new circumstances that retailers, importers, or overseas factories will face in their supply chain system.  When a momentary breakdown occurs within any link in the chain arises, it can disrupt the supply chain system significantly.  Issues can impact the quality and timely delivery of goods to customers.

Relying on key partners, including product rework service providers in major international markets, is often essential for the successful execution of business strategies and minimizing inherent risks that can arise in delivering quality products to important markets.

Overcoming product quality issues post shipment

The U.S. and Europe are major markets where goods such as apparel, footwear, leather goods, and other general consumer merchandise are imported in very large volumes.  In most cases, companies successfully ship high-quality goods in excellent condition.  However, in some instances, there may be cases where an inbound shipment to markets in the U.S. or Europe may require minor corrections or repairs.  When these situations arise, it is often critical to quickly remedy the situation by performing a product rework to satisfy the buyer of the goods, the seller or manufacturer of the goods, and ultimately the consumer that seeks out quality products for purchase.

Potential solutions from experienced providers of rework services

While every effort is made to secure quality materials, independently inspect the workmanship of goods produced in factories, and properly packaging goods for safe delivery, companies should still be prepared to potentially face a situation where their goods may need to be reworked in a destination country post-shipment. 

For example, unforeseen shipping delays may lead to goods being idled in ports or just offshore for extended periods of time without the benefit of temperature controls and the problems that can be presented by fluctuating environments within the shipping container.  This can result in goods experiencing some type of moisture damage such as mold or mildew that will need to be corrected. 

In other cases, minor product changes or corrections may be needed because of a production mistake, desired product revisions or packaging changes that may be required.  These issues may need to be quickly corrected as well.

When goods requiring correction are in-route or have already reached the destination market and time is critical, turning to a trusted product rework and repair partner is a very beneficial solution to manage last-minute issues and ensure product availability for sale.

Leading providers of product rework and repair services in the U.S. includes Quality Corrections & Inspections and in Europe, Erren Recondition.  For decades, the two companies have helped businesses from around the world quickly respond to needs for product rework and repair.  Some of the services these companies provide includes, but are not limited to:

  • Mold, mildew, and odor removal
  • 100% inspection and sorting
  • Sewing alterations and repairs
  • Label corrections and changes
  • Footwear repairs and refinishing
  • Garment finishing services
  • Component replacement
  • Packaging reconfigurations

It is not a matter of if you will ever discover or experience a product quality issue when your goods have already reached the destination market, it’s a matter of when.  Hence it is very useful to begin establishing interactions with such partners before you need them.

Content Credits

Randy Burk is Executive Vice President and “Creative Problem Solver” for Quality Corrections & Inspections.  For over 35 years, Randy and the Quality Corrections & Inspections team have served as leading providers of inspection, repair, and rework services to companies in the apparel, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods sectors around the world.  The company proudly services importers, exporters, retailers, manufacturers, and direct-to-consumer businesses from their two U.S. production locations.

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