Want to know more about Consumer Product Safety?

Consumer Product Safety:

Earlier companies and businesses are not necessarily verifying consumer product safety. But nowadays, it is one of the important parameters, which the sellers need to consider before launching their product/service to the market.

Consumers are also expecting the products whichever they are purchasing, needs to be safe to use. For the same, different systems and standards have been established by various organizations. Here in this blog, I have explained about the (CPSC) Consumer Product Safety Commission Act which is working on reducing the injury/death rate over the past 40 years.

About CPSC:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is created in the year of 1972 by United States Congress. CPSC act is protecting the people from the unreasonable risks of injury & deaths that could happen during the use of consumer goods.

And this CPSC is having jurisdiction over different types of consumer goods like children’s toys, fireworks, and coffee makers, etc.

What CPSC do:

CPSC works to reduce the risk of injuries and deaths from consumer products by

  • developing voluntary standards with industry
  • Providing information to consumers on the safety features to look in the products.
  • issuing and enforcing mandatory standards; banning consumer products if no standard would adequately protect the public
  • obtaining the recall of products and arranging for their repair, replacement, or a refund
  • researching potential product hazards
  • informing and educating consumers through the media, state and local governments, private organizations, and by responding to consumer inquiries.

Useful Links provided by CPSC:


The mentioned link (Recalls) has the list of product recalls with their product name, nature of the hazard, recall date, the total number of faulty circulations, and remedy (refund or replacement)

Safety Education by CPSC:

CPSC is providing safety education for 24+ product categories by providing safety alerts and publishing brochures, posters, handbooks, etc. You can view the same by using these links – SafetyEducation and SafetyGuides.

Business & Manufacturing Resources:

CPSC has designed a robot called “Regulatory Robot” which will guide the customers about the CPSC requirements and identify the important product safety requirements.

Also, CPSC has provided the information on Business Education, Small Business Resources, Import Safety, International, Testing & Certification, and Civil & Criminal Penalties search in this link – BusinessManufacturing

Regulations, Laws, and standards:

The different laws, standards, and regulations created by CPSC can be viewed from this link –Regulations, Laws, Standards 

Research & Statistics:

The injury Statistics and technical reports for different product categories are listed here – Research Statistics.

Source: CPSC Website

If you want to know more about the CPSC or having any queries, please visit CPSC Contact. If you want to know more useful links and content like this, please visit Resources.

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