Exclusive Interview with Sourcing lead of UK’s leading retailer – The White Company

Are you new to sourcing? or would you like to know about the sourcing tips & techniques followed by the TOP retailers in the industry? This blog will add value.

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Followed by the Quality Assurance Manager’s interview posted earlier 31st Dec 2021, here next we are glad to share with you the inputs from the “Sourcing Lead” of The White Company.


Qualpedia Team Q1: As TWC is one of the best retailing companies in the UK and working with many suppliers across Asia. Please share TOP 2 qualities that every supplier should have & it is expected by the UK Buyers.

Expert Answer: Flexibility within lead times especially for newness as well as being able to support changing demand – whether this is allocating increased workforce to large orders or back-ordering componentry.

Qualpedia Team Q2: Assuming you are planning to add a new supplier for TWC, please share what are all the important aspects that you will check while selecting a new supplier?

Expert Answer: We send a series of set-up documents from an ethical, technical and financial perspective. Suppliers are required to have an active SMETA audit and be able to share details on their manufacturing sites including workforce size, equipment within the factory and annual turnover.

Qualpedia Team Q3: What is the TOP 2 Sourcing Challenges faced by TWC, While sourcing from Asian Countries?

Expert Answer: Freight challenges – especially quality issues that happen in transit and lead times.

Qualpedia Team Q4: What are your views on the Volume of business sales growth ONLINE compared to the OFFLINE stores currently? Is the future being more towards ONLINE Sales?   

Expert Answer: We saw a shift in online demand through lockdown, but our customers are very much returning to stores and prefer face-to-face interaction with products.

Qualpedia Team Q5: In the Present Scenario of new Normal, Core areas which you would like suppliers in Asia to Improve on to serve eminent brands like yours? For example, sustainable sourcing, logistics, increased outgoing quality level etc.   

Expert Answer: Freight lead times are always a challenge and we do find that sustainable options can be more limited than European supply.

Qualpedia Team Q6: How does TWC support & encourage supply chain partners to undertake continuous improvements?

Expert Answer: Regular visits to factories to understand current capabilities and how this might translate to limitations for us. We can then make suggestions on what we would need to see to increase business. A collaborative approach to CAPR and detailed briefs which we insist on production teams feeding into so that we understand the limitations in production before briefing intricate designs to the wrong specialist.

I hope all of you got some new thoughts & ideas throughout the conversation. If you have any questions to ask with experts, please feel free to leave them in the comments below so we will get back to you with the expert’s advice on the same.

Happy Sourcing!

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