Introduction to Textile Testing & User Trials

With Continuation to our earlier post – Introduction to Textiles & Clothing, now we have released the 2nd Video on ‘Introduction to textile testing & user trials’.

From the video, you will get an explanation, why it is necessary to undertake scientific testing of textiles and clothing. It also aims to provide overall clarity about why, when, and how textile testing is carried out and then explains its limitations.​

Watch the video till the end to get full value and let us know your feedback!

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Pinakin Chaubal
Pinakin Chaubal

Pinakin Chaubal is an educator, mentor, engineer and consultant with years of experience in the development of new products, quality assurance, product testing and evaluation. His qualifications include Master’s degrees in Management and Textile Engineering & Science. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a strong interest and background in innovation and excellence

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